My graduation film in University of Westminster! Music by the talented Li Cheong :

Narrative is a tool that can be used to make us feel empathy, and its power is based on our ability to recognise patterns. This film tries to challenge the viewer’s expectations firstly, by reforming the 3d elements of the image throughout the film and secondly, by showing two equally important events simultaneously. Therefore, our pattern recognition mechanism (schemata) is tested and the narrative of the film becomes less important. At the end, the viewer is asked to react emotionally to the film process itself.

Here are some ” making of ” thoughts:

Festivals: -Bogotá Short Film Festival 2014 -FICAMS 2014 -Animateka 2014 (In competition, category “Student”) -Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2014 (In competition, category “Animation”) -Klik! Festival 2014 (In competition, category “Animated Student Short”) -Animasyros 2014 -International Cinematography Artfools Festival 2015-Larissa, Greece (In competition, category “International”) -Athens Animfest 2015 (In competition, category “Greek”) -Screening in Okto TV 2015 -The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival 2015 -Muestra de Cortometrajes San Rafael en Corto 2015