Instagram Mini series


Having as a starting point the 2016 mass shooting in Pulse nightclub, I developed a series of animated videos that focus on the theme of identity, representation and violence in the digital age. These videos/comments have an abstract, poetic nature and are motivated by contemporary and often violent events. At the same time an abstract narrative takes place in which we follow the main character’s (whoever that may be, since all characters share the same genderless design) most personal story.

My intention is to create a quasi-narrative by experimenting with storytelling conventions, visual design and sound. These series of videos rest between familiar and unfamiliar, sequential and autonomous, character-driven and plot-driven. I use abstraction in both style and story to enable the content to be open to interpretation but also to make a comment on something specific, which is gun-related violence.

This pseudo narrative incorporates the idea that all the quick information that we receive and the quick response we have to this information becomes a single undividable entity. Instagram is intentionally used as part of my narrative. By posting the photo: that was taken here: I make an association between the real world and the 3D world. Hopefully, this continuum will challenge the viewer to rethink their own responsibility and create a dialogue, both on social media and in real life, about violence in a broader way. Comments are more than welcome!

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Episode One, The shooting. #animation #shooting #club

Episode 2, The wake-up call. #animation #phone #mirror #sad#wakeup #violence

Episode 3, The past. #romantic #animation #stars #hitchhiking#love

Episode 4, The object. #gun #screen #printing #alone

Episode 5, The relationship. #love #jukebox #diner #breakup

Episode 6, The illusion. #instagram #brokenheart #dancing#animation

Episode 7, The Church. #shooting #church #blood #violence